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Paper, poster, and panel proposals can be submitted in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish, but the language for presentations at the conference will be English. A maximum of two proposals (abstract of paper, poster or panel) per author as the main author will be accepted (three if s/he is a second author).

A panel submission

is a proposal for a coordinated set of papers (usually 3 or 4) on a particular topic or issue. Please note that panel proposals require an abstract identifying and justifying the theme of the panel as well as a full abstract for each panel paper.

A poster proposal

is an alternative to presenting a full research paper. New researchers/PhD students in particular are invited to share work-in-progress by means of a poster. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference and a designated session will be scheduled in which participants will be offered the opportunity to meet with authors to discuss their work.

Abstract submission

Abstracts should not exceed 800 words (including references) and they should include:

  • A title.
  • The conference’s thematic line addressed.
  • A statement of the empirical or theoretical question locating it within the scientific literature.
  • A concise account of the empirical or theoretical methodological approach.
  • The main argument of the paper.
  • A statement of the main conclusions and their relevance to an international audience.
  • Main references.

Authors will be able to submit their abstracts via the online submission system set up for the conference which will be activated in early October in this platform. Please note that submissions will be accepted ONLY via the online system: email submissions will not be accepted.

To submit a panel

Please prepare a panel proposal that includes the following elements:

  • The rationale of the panel.
  • Complete information of the panel coordinator and presenting authors.
  • One full abstract per participating author.
  • Preferred thematic line.

Panel proposals that do not include full abstracts and author information for each paper will not be considered. The person submitting the panel proposal will be considered as the panel coordinator and s/he will be responsible for ensuring that all proposed papers’ presenters commit to attending the conference.

Conveners will review the abstracts associated to their thematic line. They will undergo a blind evaluation process based on a set of criteria available on the conference page. The conveners will make the final decision as to whether a paper is accepted and in which type of session it is to be presented.

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