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The conference will have a hybrid format, so face-to-face and digital participation is foreseen. As organizers, we will continue
to closely monitor the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and keep all registered participants informed.


For the 5th edition of the Transdisciplinary Forum, practitioners, policy-makers and researchers will exchange views and learn from each other about the challenges to which social enterprises are responding, such as the emergence of COVID and the change of socio-economic model that has emerged as necessary; the challenge of building a truly sustainable and inclusive society; as well as the demographic challenge and the needs of rural female entrepreneurship.

In the framework of the agreement reached with the local Antonio Gargallo University Foundation, we have been able to frame this year’s Forum in a formal course format. In addition to enjoying from a fruitful exchange among SE stakeholders, Forum participants will receive an official certificate attesting their participation in the sessions.

The Forum will also include sessions focused on doctoral students and early career researchers, as well as on education and training in cooperative values and social enterprise.

The preliminary program of this exciting Forum is available for download on the right hand side of this page both in English and Spanish.

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