The aim of this Forum is to foster the development of high-quality and accessible (inter-) university educational programmes in the field of social enterprise / social entrepreneurship (SE).

In order to achieve this goal, FETSE will focus on the following three objectives:

  • Promote and strengthen the existing higher-education programs in social entrepreneurship and encourage the creation of new ones;
  • Increase the level of collaboration between academics, universities, students, practitioners (labor market) and other relevant stakeholders worldwide in the field of education and training on social entrepreneurship;
  • On the long-run, stimulate new learning opportunities, programmes and exchanges for the students, professors and practitioners in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Action Lines


  • online database with higher-education programmes in social entrepreneurship (inclusion in the dataset based on the University’s adhesion to FETSE mission)
  • virtual meeting platforms between current and future students in social entrepreneurship – social networks
  • programme information sessions (online and off-line) organized and delivered by the students in university fairs and in other contexts.


FETSE community – a collaborative online and offline learning environment for the academic world to reflect on and share pedagogic experiences and tools.

  • regular newsletters to the subscribed members containing examples and presentations of educational programmes, new initiatives, conferences;
  • online platform where members can post news, ask for advice, propose projects, share documents and videos;
  • research initiatives to improge the knowledge on education and training on SE
  • inter-university workshops and seminars on themes such as sharing curricula, didactic tools used in social entrepreneurship education, how to design a BA / BSc programme in social entrepreneurship, where to start in shaping a mobility programme.


  • summer camps and scientific sessions for students of different levels (mix research and professional approaches)
  • multilateral university exchange programmes for professors, practitioners (as special guests) and students involved in social entrepreneurship academic paths.

FETSE is coordinated by an Steering Committee composed of Lars Hulgård, Benjamin Huybrechts, Ilana Gorz Bodini, Rocío Nogales and Silvia Ferreira.

In order to ensure the success of this project, we also constituted a multi-stakeholder Advisory Board composed of renowned actors in the field – external experts, policy makers, students, practitioners and other relevant stakeholders. The Board is meant at offering constructive feedback to FETSE members and especially to the Steering Committee regarding educational and pedagogical aspects and strategic orientations.

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