7EMESconf - Transdisciplinary Forum

7EMESconf - Transdisciplinary Forum

The 7th EMES Conference will host another unique Transdisciplinary Forum, with workshops on values-led enterprise, European FairShares Lab, social innovation education (NEMESIS), surviving your PhD, community economy, social housing and community finance.

  1. Conference rationale
  2. Thematic lines and conveners
  3. Conference organisers
  4. Conference committees
  5. Transdisciplinary Forum
  6. Conference registration
  7. Getting there and accommodation
  8. Abstract submission
  9. Paper and poster guidelines
  10. About Social Enterprise International

The Forum is interactive with engaging workshops rather than powerpoint presentations. They are geared towards debate and discussion amongst attendees, representatives from participating organisations, invited speakers and EMES conference delegates.

We welcome guests from private and public sector so they can share their experience of multi-sectoral collaboration involving co-operatives, voluntary associations and other social enterprises.

All conference delegates can attend (please use a discount code provided by Sheffield Hallam University). Sheffield Hallam is also offering 10 bursaries for local students, and 10 more to non-university staff so that members of local organisations can attend the event.

Please contact d.wren@shu.ac.uk if you would like to apply for a bursary.

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