7EMESconf - Paper and poster guidelines

We have prepared some instructions for you on how to best prepare your paper or poster presentation for the Conference.

  1. Conference rationale
  2. Thematic lines and conveners
  3. Conference organisers
  4. Conference committees
  5. Transdisciplinary Forum
  6. Conference registration
  7. Getting there and accommodation
  8. Abstract submission
  9. Paper and poster guidelines
  10. About Social Enterprise International

  1. Guidelines for papers’ authors: You can download the 7EMES_FullPaperGuidelines on the right hand side of this page to assist you prepare the final version of your paper. Remember, you can upload your own final paper to the conference platforms. Submission deadline of full papers is 24 May 2018 is you are interested in the Best Paper Award. Otherwise, the submission deadline is 15 August 2019. Uploaded papers are available to anyone visiting the conference program (open access). If you do not wish to publish your paper on the platform but wish to be considered for the EMES Conferences Selected Papers series to be published in the fall, please email it to us (7emesconf@emes.net).
  2. Guidelines for poster presentations: Posters will be presented on panels set up ad hoc during the time devoted for poster presentation (Wednesday, 26 June from 15:30 to 16:30). Your poster should fit a dimension of 1.90m (height) x 1.20m (width) or 1.10m x 1.20m. We will provide the system to hang up your poster to the panel, so all you need to do is printing out your paper and bringing it with you. Poster presenters are not required to upload their posters to the conference platform, although they are free to do it if they so wish.We selected one of the best posters presented in the 4th EMES conference and asked permission to its author, Tania Haddad, to publish it here to inspire others who are preparing one (4EMESconf_Poster_TaniaHaddad_CooperativesinLebanon).
  3. Publishing your paper: Following the conference a selection of conference papers will be published on the EMES website in PDF format as part of the EMES Conferences Selected Papers (ESCP). By doing so, authors will be able to cite their own and their colleagues’ papers and to make this work accessible to interested parties around the world. If you are interested in having your paper published in the ESCP series if it is selected, please fill in the consent form on the third page of the “Full Paper Guidelines” document and send it back to us (see instructions below).

If you have any additional questions about any of the above, please email us at 7emesconf@emes.net


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