The Culture&Arts (CASE)

The Culture&Arts (CASE)

Affinity group dedicated to culture and the arts within the SE field

This group was created in 2021 as a thematic line on culture and the arts during the 8th EMES conference in Teruel. The Group is formally led by Nancy Duxbury, Rocío Nogales and Kai Green. In the Empower-SE COST Action framework, this group already achieved the publication of the Stakeholder Brief “Unlocking the transformative potential of culture and the arts through social enterprise”.

This Affinity Group aims to enable EMES members to interact and exchange on specific topics of their interest and will engage in the following initiatives:

  • Organizing performances and webinars.
  • Working on a common bibliography: Group members will work together on gathering texts and new resources to keep the inspiration up.
  • Exchanging on conferences and opportunities: Group members will keep each other informed about opportunities and events connected to Culture and Arts themes in the SE field.
  • Creating publication opportunities: The special issue for the Social Enterprise Journal has been under preparation for a while, and shortly we’ll be launching an open call for papers to complete this special issue.
  • The thematic line at 9EMESconf: Within this affinity group, members will be able to run their own stream at the EMES conference in 2023, which constitutes a great opportunity to begin building some momentum on this relevant topic!

Interested in any of the activities above? Wish to join this active and committed Affinity Group? Please send us a sign!


*Affinity Groups are aimed at EMES members, but we have negotiated to keep them open for those researchers joining first time. If you are convinced and wish to learn more about EMES membership, do it here.

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