Linda Lundgaard Andersen

Individual researcher

Professor, phd, Department of People and Technology at Roskilde University

Co-director, Center of Social Entrepreneurship
Director, PhD-school of People and Technology
Roskilde University

Curriculum Vitae

Linda Lundgaard Andersen, professor, phd

Head of PhD School, Graduate School director, co-director of Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Degrees and University Positions

  • 2012- Visiting professor at Malmø University as well as Stavanger University
  • 2011- Professor in Learning, Evaluation and Social Innovation, Roskilde University
  • 2008- Head of PhD School of Lifelong Learning and Social Psychology of Everyday Life, RUC
  • 2007- Director, Centre of Social Entrepreneurship, Roskilde University
  • 2007- Head of Graduate School of Lifelong Learning, Roskilde University
  • 2004- Study director of the Graduate School in Lifelong Learning

Research grants and principal investigator

  • 2014 – Appointed as a member of the PhD Research Council for Educational Research, Ministry of Science
  • 2014- Appointed member of the ministry bibliometric group on Pedagogy and Educational Science by RUC
  • 2013- Award Winner: Roskilde University award of social entrepreneurship and social innovation donated by the Danish Bank
  • 2013- Research grant for 2 phd stipends for the PhD-school from the Danish Counsil of Independent Research
  • 2012- Phd grant from the Social Ministry for ‘Micro-innovation in social and health care’
  • 2010- Research program director for a 3 year NordForsk grant for a Nordic research network with   participation from 50 junior and senior researchers
  • 2010- Graduate school grant of 3 PhD stipends for the PhD-School from the Danish Council of Independent Research
  • 2008- Principal investigator of a case study of the municipalities’ collaboration with voluntary social organizations financed by the Danish Welfare Ministry
  • 2008- 2 year grant from the Danish Council of Independent Research: New learning processes in voluntary organisations
  • 2008- Research grant: Youngster’s social problems, the National Board of Social Services, Bispebjerg Psychiatric Centre, Århus University and University of Southern Denmark
  • 2005- Research co-director of REBUS, a study of interventions towards exposed young people, The Strategic Welfare Research Programme, Ministry of Social Affairs
  • 1984-2006- Principal investigator of 15 research grants, of which 4 were Independent Research Council Grants and a grant for a Visiting Fellowship at Cornell University, New York

Graduate School, Doctoral Work and PhD Committees

1991 – 2016

Supervision of 17 doctoral students of which 12 has completed their PhD thesis
PhD Committee chairing and external examination of 12 PhD thesis, the Danish University of Education, Copenhagen University, the University of Southern Denmark, Lund’s University

Editorial work

  • 2013-15 Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises: Nordics perspectives. Co-editors:  Malin Gawell, ESBRI, SE and prof Roger Spear, Open University, UK, Routledge
  • 2013  Journal of Research Pratice Best Reviewer Award, 2012 awarded by The JRP editorial team
  • 2009   Co-Editor: Anthology: Social entreprenørskab – with prof. Lars Hulgård og Torben Bager, University Press of Southern Denmark
  • 2012- Special Issue Editor of Journal of Research Practice, with prof. director Stephen Soldz
  • 2011– Special Issue Editor of Journal of Social Work Practice, Routledge with Betina Dybbroe
  • 2012- Editor of Volume 1 and 2: Psycho-social theory and practice, Policy Press

Publications in summary

A collected list of 150 publications, including 17 monographies, three in English, 31 reviewed articles to national and international journals and edited books

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