🗳️2023 EMES Board Elections: Making the Magic Happen

🗳️2023 EMES Board Elections: Making the Magic Happen

It may seem that a new Board magically appear on the official documents. The reality is that making the EMES Board is a designated process and a long timeline for recruiting, nominating and electing. Our newsletters and email don’t reveal all the behind-the-scenes work to make Board nominations and elections happen.

In 2015, EMES’ bylaws were approved, including open elections for the Board of Directors in which all members could participate. That same year, the first open elections of EMES were held, resulting in the first Board elected by the members of the Network. In 2019, the second open election took place.

This year we are holding the third open election for the EMES Board of Directors.

Since recruiting new Board members is an ongoing process, Nominating Committee was created. They will receive candidacies alongside a statement from each candidate explaining their concrete commitment to the Network if elected. The Nominating Committee will publish the candidacies received from institutional and individual members’ representatives. A short presentation of each candidate will be published so that all members can vote elev¡ctonicaly.

EMES Board should be diverse and well-rounded and offers sage advice while having tenured experience and expertise. Many challenges but also goals to be achieved await the new Board. They include: developing, coordinating and hosting research projects and events, generating funding and resources, and supporting the Network’s governance.

In this manner, we have created a webpage where you can read all relevant information and dynamics before the new EMES Board of Directors election.

Learn about EMES membership and become a member here.

If you have any questions, please come back to us at membership@emes.net

We thank EMES members for their continued support and commitment to the Network! 

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