Elections of directors 2023

In 2015, EMES’ new statutes were approved; they included open elections for the Board of directors where all members could participate. That same year, the first open elections of EMES were held, resulting in the first Board elected by the members of the network.

The composition of the EMES Board of Directors is as follows:

  • 8 members representing “institutional members” category
  • 4 members representing the “individual members” category
  • 1 PhD representative (elected by the PhD network)

The EMES President and other roles (Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) are chosen by the Board among elected institutional and individual Board’s members.

Many challenges but also goals to be achieved await the new EMES Board of Directors. After the Covid-19, which prevented the Strategic Plan 2019-2021 from being fully implemented, a new Strategic Plan 2023-2025 is currently being drafted and will be published at the Extraordinary General Assembly to be held in Frankfurt during the 9th International Research Conference on Social Enterprise organized by EMES.

As the EMES Network faces important challenges related to its fast development and the need to strengthen its staff and its financial basis, it needs Board members who will bring in different kinds of resources. More than ever indeed, responsibilities should be shared among Board members. They include: to develop, coordinate and host research projects and events and possibly to generate funding and resources and to be actively involved in the network’s governance.

In such a perspective, a “Nominating Committee” was created to receive candidacies alongside with a statement from each of the candidates explaining their concrete commitment to the network, if elected. This Committee includes two members form the Board and two external members who are not running for election and is supported by the Coordination Unit. The members of the Nominating Committee for the 2023 elections are Marthe Nyssens and Taco Brandsen representing the current Board and Coline Serres and Benjamin Huybrechts.

Important dates

  • 15/01 – Set up a nominating committee
  • 30/03 – Announce open elections for the Board
  • 10/04-10/06 – Open submission period for candidacies
  • 10/06 – Deadline for candidacies submissions
  • 01/09 – Set up the voting process in the platform
  • 01/10 – Deadline for voting
  • November 2023: Meeting of the new Board (with assignment of roles)

Learn about EMES membership and become a member here.

Candidates for the 2023 elections

Interested candidates must have an active membership and submit their CV and a letter of intention at members@emes.net by June 10th.

By mid-June 2023, the Nominating Committee will publish the candidacies received from representatives of institutional members and individual members. A short presentation of each of the candidates with their bios and commitment statement for the elections will be published then.

Members will be able to cast their vote electronically from September 1st until October 1st via a link that will be shared with them via email.

Only members whose membership dues are in order will be able to vote.


Please let us know if you have any questions by writing to us at membership@emes.net

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