La Maîtrise Interdisciplinaire en Socioéconomie

La Maîtrise Interdisciplinaire en Socioéconomie

University of Geneva, Swizerland

This Master aims to deepen the socio-economic field. The students will acquire comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and instruments necessary for analysing critically the interactions between society and economy, both at the level of the structures and the processes, with the goal of enhancing their optimization. While 30 ECTS consist in compulsory courses and seminars, other 30 ECTS can be chosen directly by the students, depending on their interests and specializations. Some of the specializations we offer are: population studies, development and equality issues North-South, economics (social, international etc.), gender studies, social and special issues, qualitative and quantitative methods.

This Master is oriented towards the passage between theories and practice through research or a concrete valorisation of the knowledge situated at the border between studies and internships.

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