BSc in Rural Development

BSc in Rural Development

The NUI Diploma & BSc Degree in Rural Development is a professional qualification for mature students active in the development of rural areas.

Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork, Ireland

This is a web-based distance learning programme. It is targeted at people who are involved in rural development in a professional or voluntary capacity and provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage all aspects of local/rural development initiatives. It provides participants with the abilities to initiate and manage local rural development.

This programme is a collaborative programme jointly delivered by the NUI colleges. In association with the NUI universities the course is offered on three levels. Students may study for a one year diploma and may then progress to the degree phase of the programme. Alternatively students may take individual modules as CPD units.

The programme is delivered through a combination of online material and five weekend workshops per year at NUI universities throughout the country.

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