Les entreprises sociales d'insertion par le travail en France

Bernard Eme | Gardin Laurent

EMES Working Papers no. 02/01

This paper is part of a larger research project entitled “The Socio-Economic Performance of Social Enterprises in the Field of Integration by Work” (PERSE). The whole PERSE Project involves researchers from 11 EU countries and is coordinated by Marthe NYSSENS (CERISIS, Catholic University of Louvain). It is financed by the European Commission (DG Research) in the framework of the Programme “Improving the Human Research Potentiel and the Socio-Economic Base”.

The main goal of this research project is to measure the social and economic performance of work integration social enterprises through the thorough study of more than 150 WISEs in 11 countries of the European Union, combining three areas of study:

  • the analysis of the various types of resources mobilised, be they market, nonmarket or social capital-based resources;
  • the measure of individual benefits (for the workers in integration) and of collective benefits (for society at large) generated by these enterprises;
  • the study of their organisational evolution over time and their interaction with public policies.

This paper regards work integration social enterprises in France.

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