Presentation of awarded case studies

Euricse (EMES Italian member) and EMES are collaborating to create an open-access database of in-depth case studies on social enterprises, accessible to the wider researcher community for comparative analyses and training purposes. Indeed, while research on social enterprises has increased over the last decade, little is known about how innovation processes take place within individual organizations and how innovative practices generated by social enterprises support the social and economic development of society at large.

To the end of supporting the “feeding” of the database and mobilizing the expertise and experience of researchers in collaboration with outstanding social enterprises, awards will be granted to remarkable case studies on innovative social enterprise best practices in Europe.

The first call, issued in 2010, focused on social enterprises promoting work integration of disadvantaged people, with special regard to the goals pursued by these social enterprises (e.g. create jobs; provide on-the-job training with the aim of facilitating work integration in the open labour market; promote socialisation through a productive activity). Additional areas will be added in future calls.
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AMAR KJR Nayak (India): Nava Jyoti producer company.
A case of sustainable community enterprise system for small re- source poor farmers / producers
MALGORZATA Oldak (Poland): ;”Disabled for the Environment EKON” association
BIRKHÖLZER Karl (Germany): Graefewirtschaft: An intercultural social enterprise
CHORYKOVA Liudmyla, IEREMENKO Natalia (Ukraine): SpektrPlus
TODARO Fabio (Italy): Social enterprise “Il Piccolo Principe”

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