New methods to monetize the impact of social enterprises: VALO.R.IS. – Empiric results from the first application

Elisa Chiaf

EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-R11-22

One of the greatest challenges of Social Enterprises is related to the possibility to evaluate their results, by defining an economic value of their actions. The VALO.R.IS. Method has been studied to fill this gap for Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) that grant job to disadvantaged people, normally excluded from the labour world. WISEs often carry out jobs for Public Administration that recognizes the social value of their activities. In this light, it is important to demonstrate that P.A. is not only receiving quality services, but it is saving an important quantity of money by collaborating with WISEs that hire people who – instead of working – would require assistance, social or sanitary public services. VALO.R.IS is a business model that allows WISEs to evaluate autonomously and yearly this value.

After having presented the model and its functioning, the paper presents the result of the first VALO.R.IS. application on 6 WISEs of Brescia Province, in the north of Italy. Brescia is the most important province in terms of quantity of WISEs in Italy, and the economic value they create for Public Administration is relevant, the results of the paper will be utilized from the WISEs in managing relations with their public stakeholder.

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