Civil society organizations as innovative challengers of adjustable followers? Renegotiating roles in the Swedish practice

EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-R11-02
Session: Social innovation and public service provision (II)

Sweden, and many other countries, has during the twentieth century, developed a rather large public sector providing, among other things, social welfare services to citizens. Only to a small extent were private for- or nonprofit organizations providing these services.

During the last decade we have seen a shift towards more services being provided by private for- and nonprofit actors. This shift means that roles are reconsidered, renegotiated and reconstructed. Entrepreneurial initiatives react and act within this context. But what roles and values are brought into practices by initiatives today and how can we conceptualize these as innovative?

The aim of this paper is to empirically describe and analyze emerging civil society organizational practices and contribute to the understanding of their role in the development of society.

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