La Economía Social y Solidaria en América Latina: Propuesta de Economía Alternativa y su Aplicación al Análisis de Experiencias en Argentina

Gonzalo Vázquez

EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-B08-07
Thematic line: Social economy and solidarity-based economy: Alternative approaches to the third sector

In this article the proposal of Social Economy and Solidarity in Latin America is presented briefly. Afterwards, some experiences developed in Argentina are described and then analysed  from the proposal’s perspective.
The objectives of this work are:

  1. establish a position in the Latin American debate about what is meant by social economy and / or solidarity, highlighting the contributions made by Coraggio and de Souza Santos,
  2. present synthetically three Argentinian experiences considered relevant in this field,
  3. analyse these experiences, seeking to assess which characteristics of the alternative economy they have, using the conceptualization priorly developed, and postulating that these experiences show paths that could possibly shape spaces of social and solidarity economy, a step that should be continued through experimentation and collective learning.
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