One day in the world of social and collective entrepreneurship /

One day in the world of social and collective entrepreneurship / "Déclic Day"

Are you studying (or have recently graduated) and you want to contribute to a more ethical, just, and sustainable world? Would you like to meet other young people who, like you, want to create projects that will make a real impact on the world?

EMES joins forces with the Déclic en PerspectivES in due to contribute to this event with the support of the Bernheim Foundation. This opportunity to collaborate not only helps us share the knowledge that was accumulated during the last 20 years regarding the “SE field” (social and solidarity economy, social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation) but also allows us to familiarize young Brussels inhabitants with the practice and ecosystem of the SE field.


During a one-day event, on November 19th, Déclic Day offers the possibility to dive into collective entrepreneurship in the social economy! This rich adventure is created for learning and discovering the social economy, meeting other young people who want to engage in collective entrepreneurship (or who have already done so), and are eager to learn techniques of collective intelligence and shared governance due to respond to current societal challenges.

What to expect:

  • To discover principles of the social economy;
  • To explore 3 social issues: food, waste management, and urban planning;
  • To hear firsthand inspiring testimonials;
  • To witness and participate in the emergence of new ideas;
  • To learn concrete ways to get started as a group;
  • … plus meals & drinks (included during the event);

Place of venue: Brussels (Anderlecht).

Date: 19th November 2022 from 9-18h.

Price: Free! 😉

Find out more information: here and register for the event.

Feel free to share this with any young student or professional living in the Brussels area interested in the social economy and social entrepreneurship!



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