Bernheim Foundation

Bernheim Foundation

The Bernheim public interest Foundation started its activities in 1999. It originates from the desire of a humanist and visionary entrepreneur. It aims to contribute to the development of human and civic values in our societies, the betterment of social relations and the amelioration of the quality of life. Since 2015, the Foundation supports innovative and efficient projects that are mainly targeted to younger generations. Among them, one can thing of education, entrepreneurship, citizenship, peace and open cultures.

The engagement of the Bernheim represents an invaluable support for the realization of the EMES mission. Although we already benefited from their support for the 6th EMES International Conference, we can still perceive how they contribute to our activities. Their engagement not only help us strengthening the Early Career Investigators (Phd students) but it also allows us to familiarize young Brussels inhabitants with the social enterprise phenomenon.

If you want to know more about the Bernheim Foundation and the way it supported us, you might want to read one of our previous post.


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