Join the 2nd webinar of the

Join the 2nd webinar of the "ZAZ 2021 Map and Compass" series aimed at PhDs!

Nervous about attending conferences where everyone seems to know each other, except for you?

Tired of seeing Zoom-name-blocks that represent people, without actually meeting those people?

Feeling isolated, tired and a bit fed up with Covid-19 and how it has curtailed those desk-side chats – where colleagues share their experiences, you problem solve together, and find a way?

Join us on 27 May (Thursday) at 16.00 (GMT+2) to chat to presenters in your thematic group, say hello to those starting out on this PhD journey and celebrate with those finishing up. To share silly moments, remember-when stories and eye-roll-moments. Who’s-who-in-the-Zaragoza-Zoo is designed to address all these issues – and a few more. It’s an opportunity to meet fellow PhD-ers, chat to people presenting in the same thematic group, and meet people in other groups that link to yours.

In the first session, you will have a chance to meet colleagues in a one-on-one manner and to introduce yourself and your PhD research to a colleague. There is no better way to break the ice and find your perfect scientific match!

During the second session, questions, doubts, and different topics for discussion will be addressed – your fellow PhDs will be moderating the talks according to the thematic lines. In the third and last session, our very own Dr Rocío Nogales, the EMES managing director, will explain the blended format of the 8th EMES conference, and will address the questions that the participants formulated in the previous session.

This online session is a great way to meet your colleagues, friends and champions – and talk through some of the fears and doubts you might have before the 8th EMES conference.

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