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Södertörn University

Social enterprise has been a part of Södertörn University’s repertoire since it’s foundation, which as a matter of fact coincided with the foundation of EMES, and faculty of Södertörn University participated in the European network at a very early stage.

Today social enterprises are acknowledged both in Bachelor level courses and in Master level courses as well as in research.

The field of social enterprises are at Södertörn University closely connected to social responsibility, civil society, urban/suburban development, welfare structures, sustainable development, and the overall ethos of the university – critical reflection and civic education.

Södertörn University is characterized by multidisciplinary and multicultural approaches in education and research with strong emphasizes on Social Sciences and Humanities. We have doctoral programs in five areas including for example Politics, economy and the organization of society and Critical and cultural theory.

Södertörn is also home to the international graduate school Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS) and works closely together with the Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen).

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The centers ENTER forum, with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, REINVENT, with a focus on urban/suburban development, as well as the center for the Organization of Politics and the Academy of Public Administration provides a dynamic context and meeting with other connected research fields.

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