Korean Association for Social Economy Studies (KASES)

Korean Association for Social Economy Studies (KASES)

Korean Association for Social Economy Studies(KASES) is an association of researchers and field leaders and activists with a view to cooperating between theories and practices and mutualizing experiences of both sides.

As the first association of social economy studies in South Korea, established in 2009 with an enthousiastic support of researchers and field leaders, KASES has been playing a strategic role for the promotion and the development of social economy in Korean society.

Main activities

  • Regular forum (every other month): is an open space of debates and discussions on the strategic orientation of social economy.
  • Keyword seminars (every other month): is a study program accessible to all interested in social economy during which one or two well known terms are analyzed and decrypted or demystified.
  • Member research support service: is an innovative action among members providing opportunities for presenting papers or research projects to the desired members (PhD & master course students) and provide advice or information for better progress.
  • International cooperation: research exchange with researchers of Eastern Asian countries, collaborative R & D with CITIES (Centre international de transfert d’innovations et de connaissances en économie sociale et solidaire) on social financing, etc.



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