Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork (CCS)

Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork (CCS)

The Center is one of the founding members of EMES and has participated in the PERSE project.

The Centre for Co-operative Studies is a university research centre that promotes education, training and independent research, and consultancy services in all aspects of co-operative organisation and development. Established in 1981, the Centre has carried out extensive research into agricultural, community, worker, housing and credit co-operatives. It is involved in the provision of information, advice and support to existing and potential co-operatives. Recent research has included studies of co-operative management practices in community co-operatives, membership development in major agricultural co-operatives, youth involvement in credit unions and several social economy projects.

The Centre has developed a range of distance learning programmes, which it offers in association with other university departments, and participates in several trans-national research projects.


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