4EMESconf - Full Paper Guidelines

To the largest possible extent, authors are invited to respect the following minimal guidelines:

  • Papers’ length: full papers should not exceed 12,000 words, including references.
  • Characters’ type: Arial 10. Use one line space between paragraphs.
  • Title styles: maximum 4 levels, numbered (1., 1.1., 1.1.1. and
  • Boxes, tables, graphs, figures must be numbered and titled.
  • Use footnotes (not endnotes). Characters’ type for footnotes: Times New Roman 10.
  • Use double quotation marks (“) for dialogue and quoted material in the text. Single quotation marks (‘) are used for quotes within quotes.

All full papers received by June 15th, 2013 will be included in the USB key to be distributed among participants. Should you not wish your paper to be distributed, please write to us at lg13@emes.net. If you wish, you can add the mention “Do not quote without author’s permission” on your paper.

If you do not provide your paper in time, please make sure to bring at least 15 copies to distribute to the session participants.

All full papers received by August 15th, 2013 will be evaluated by members of the Conference Scientific Committee with a view on making them available as EMES-SOCENT Selected Conference Papers on the EMES and SOCENT websites. If you are interested in your paper being considered for this on-line collection of conference papers, please see page 2 of the downloadable PDF file on the right, complete the consent form and send it back at your earliest convenience.

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