New textbook “Social Entrepreneurship: A Practical Introduction” by Rasheda L. Weaver

New textbook “Social Entrepreneurship: A Practical Introduction” by Rasheda L. Weaver

On behalf of EMES member Rasheda L. Weaver, we present the textbook “Social Entrepreneurship: A Practical Introduction” which was announced during the 8th EMES International Training School in Seville.  This textbook equips entrepreneurs with the tools needed to design and launch businesses to create positive social change in their communities.

If I teach good people how to make money, will they do more good with it?”, was the driving question according to the author studying social entrepreneurship.  Rasheda L. Weaver reminds us that social enterprises are organizations that aim to address social problems and her goal is to teach the world about them.

“Popular examples of social enterprises include Warby Parker, Newman’s Own, and TOMS Shoes. All of these organizations are known for making charitable contributions to social causes and organizations. Warby Parker, for example, sells affordable eyeglasses and donates a pair of glasses for each pair sold to people that cannot afford them. Another, small-scaled example of a social enterprise is The Women’s Bean Project which employs low-skilled and low-educated women to sell gourmet bean bundles and handmade jewellery, enabling them to improve their economic standing. All these organisations are a reimagination of the way that people do business. They merge a desire to create positive changes in society with a business activity that enables them to sustain and grow their social mission”, the author explains.

The purpose of this textbook is to introduce social entrepreneurship to its audience, as it is a growing form of entrepreneurship, yet it is hardly discussed or understood by the general public. It will be used as a textbook in college classrooms globally, and it is written in a general format so that it can be comprehended easily.

If you’re interested in this work by our member Rasheda L. Weaver and social entrepreneurship intrigues you, you can share this news with a colleague, or get a copy of “Social Entrepreneurship: A Practical Introduction”, and contact the author to learn more about this field.


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