Networks & Partners

Since its inception, EMES has collaborated with international networks gathering researchers working in related fields or networks from geographic areas other than Europe. By creating common initiatives, opportunities for exchange and events with peer networks, EMES not only enriches the quality and relevance of its research but also ensures that researchers from all over the world are brought into the discussion.


Networks & Partners


The IRIS Network is the Italian national network of the institutions of research on social enterprise.

EUCLID Network

Euclid Network is a growing European community of change-makers from over 30 countries, who share values built around creating positive social impact.

EMES PhD Student Network

The EMES PhD Student Network was created after the 1st EMES PhD Summer School held in Corsica in July 2008. All students who have participated in the EMES PhD Summer School as well as individual Graduate Members are members of the EMES PhD Student Network.

Community Economies Research Network (CERN)

Community Economies Research Network (CERN) is an international network of community researchers, students, policy makers and activists interested in ways of enacting new visions of economy.


ANSES was founded to create a network where SE scholars operating in Africa can be linked to each other and be exposed to international conversations in the field, as well as to training and funding opportunities. The network facilitates the building of a stronger and more connected SE community in Africa while creating higher-impact and better-orchestrated research endeavours.

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