Millan Diaz-Foncea

Individual researcher

Assistant Professor at the University of Zaragoza. Coordinator of the Master in Social Economy and of the Social Economy Lab (LAB_ES)

Dr. in Economy and Organizational Management with a dissertation entitled “Cooperative Societies and Cooperative Entrepreneur: Analysis of Determinant of their development”.

Millán Díaz-Foncea (Logroño, 1985) is PhD in Economics and Management of Organizations from the University of Zaragoza and holds a position of Assitant Professor in the Department of Business Management at the University of Zaragoza. In his teaching activity, he is specialized in the management of Social Economy entities and the creation and management of SMEs. In collaboration with different professors of the Faculty of Economics and Business, he has created the Social Economy Lab LAB_ES ( focuses on the development and accompaniment of collective social entrepreneurship projects. The development of their research has focused on the study of social economy enterprises, collective entrepreneurship, social enterprises and new economies.

Since 2010 he has been a member of the GESES-University of Zaragoza Research Group. Since 2012 he has been director of the University Expert’s Master in the Management of Social Economy Businesses ( He is a member of the CIRIEC-Spain scientific association and the EMES International Research Network on Social Enterprise. He is promoter of the REJIES – Network of Young Researchers in Social, Public and Cooperative Economy, and he managed the EJEB – EMES Junior Experts’ Blog.

He is also a member of the editorial board of the Revista CIRIEC-España, Revista de la Economía Social, Pública y Cooperativa. He has participated in the creation of CEPES-Aragón, member of the technical commission of the cooperative of ethical financial services COOP57 (Aragon section), and proprietary member in various cooperatives such as Som Energía, Som Conexión, MESCoop Aragón and FIARE Banca Ética, among others.

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