Individual researcher

Lecturer at University of Sevilla

Graduated in Economics and Business Administration and PhD. in Business Administration.

It belongs to ” Innovation Management, Quality and Change “” research group.

He has been principal investigator of the project I + D + i (2007-2010) “Las Necesidades Informativas de las Mujeres

He has had training and research stays abroad: Strasbourg (EM Strasbourg Business School) and Paris (ESCP Europe); and in the University of Burgos as a visiting professor researcher.

He is currently Director of Occupational Laboratory of the University of Seville.

Competitive research in the following projects:

– 25 Years of Research on Communication in Spain (1990-2015). Scientific, Academic Community and Institutional Context. Funding: State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research Excellence (2013-2016) (CSO2013-40684-P)

– “European Entrepreneurs Campus” funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci program of the European Parliament (2011-2013)

Contracts, technology transfer merits or

– Study of ICT as a Strategic Communication and Neosector for Entrepreneurial Dynamism and Entrepreneurship in Andalusia. 68/83 Contract (2583/0639) (July 2015-October 2015). Company / Organism financer / es: EUROMEDIA COMMUNICATION, S.L.

– Generation of Second-Order Changes (morphogenetic) in Organizations from incorporating innovation tools. 68/83 Contract (1182/0472) (April 2011-December 2011). Company / Organism financer / es: Andalusian Institute of Technology

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