Andrea Bassi

Individual researcher

Associate Professor in Sociology – University of Bologna

Andrea Bassi is Associate Professor in Sociology at the Department of Sociology. He teaches “General Sociology”, “Sociology of Nonprofit Organizations”; “Equity and Social Justice”; “Quantitative Methods for Social Research”.

His research interests include studies on nonprofit organizations in the field of social and health services, particularly concerning the relationships between public administration and nonprofit deliverers; and systems of measurement of organizational performance and social impact of nonprofit organizations.

He has a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy and he is member of the Faculty of Economics.He has also 10 years of experience as Manager of nonprofit institutions in Italy, associations, social cooperatives, voluntary organizations and foundations, both at the local and national level.

He has been Director of the research unit of FIVOL-Italian Foundation for Volunteers (1995-96), and of IREF – Istituto di Ricerche Educative e Formative (1997-99) in Rome. Under his supervision several national research programs has been carried out at the country level, (voluntary organizations – 10.000 units and social associations – 2.000 units).

He is author of more than thirty articles published on Italian Scientific Journals and Reviews and of five books on the topic of Third Sector, Civil Society, Nonprofit Organizations.

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