Lars Hulgård

Individual researcher

Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at Roskilde University (RUC, Denmark) and Visiting Professor at the Tata Institute.

Lars is currently the President of the EMES network. In 2006, he founded the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at RUC and he chairs the Social Innovation and Organizational Learning research group at that university.

Lars was appointed in 2013 member of a committee created by the Minister of Business and Growth of the Danish government that will work on a new legal framework and other institutional support structures for social enterprise in Denmark.

  • In 2004-05 he was the first international coordinator of CINEFOGO-Network of Excellence, an international cross-disciplinary network funded by the EU, Sixth Framework Programme.
  • He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University (2004), University of California (1998) and University of Mannheim (1992).
  • He was a research consultant to the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs between 1990 and 1998 and former President of the Danish Sociological Association.
  • He is also the study director of RUC’s MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Management.
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