Konstantina Zoehrer

Graduate student

Political Scientist & Researcher #SocEnt #policy #ecosystems #grassroots
PhD Cand. at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Konstantina Zoehrer is a political scientist and researcher. Beyond her independent work as a consultant and researcher, her current work engagements include the role of scientific associate at the Multilevel Governance Institute at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and as a project manager for international projects at arbeit plus – Social Integration Enterprises Austria. Previously she worked as an independent advisor on public affairs/policy, strategy and development for think tanks – civil society and governmental organisations as well as for the business sector. She has an extensive background in policy, stakeholder engagement, community development, design thinking and intercultural diplomacy.

Her focus is on socioeconomic development, civil society, social enterprise/social entrepreneurship, informality and policy based on community-centred approaches.

She served as a “private expert”​ of GECES – Expert Group Social Entrepreneurship from June 2015 to March 2018, which the European Commission consults on relevant issues. Konstantina is an alumna of the WEF Global Shapers, Falling Walls Lab, St.Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow/TOM- Lab (Tomorrow-Laboratory) and a Trustee of The Balkan Forum on Regional Cooperation.

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