L’économie sociale au Nord et au Sud

L’économie sociale au Nord et au Sud

With Develtere, P. & Fonteneau, B., eds., De Boeck, Brussels & Paris, 278 p.

This book proposed the first attempt to apply the conceptual and analytical grid of the “social economy” at the same time in developed and developing countries, acknowledging the importance and role of the informal sector as well as risks of a top-down approach likely to overlook other key features in less developed economies.

Also published in Dutch:
Sociale Economie in Noord en Zuid, Garant, Leuven, 1999, 267 p.

Also published in English:
Social Economy North and South, KUL, Leuven, 2000, 241 p.

Also published in Spanish:
La Economía Social en el Norte y en el Sur, Ed. Corregidor, Buenos Aires, 241 p.

Also published in Bahasa (Indonesia):
Suata panduan: Persoalandan tantangan ekonomi sosial, Jakarta, 2003.

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