Reform to the Law of Social and Solidarity Economy of Mexico

Reform to the Law of Social and Solidarity Economy of Mexico
Carola Conde

EMES-SOCENT Conference Selected Papers, ECSP-LG13-47 (ENG)

Mexico was one of the first countries to attempt the creation of a legal framework for social economy, but after several initiatives to the Law of Social and Solidarity Economy (Ley de Economía Social y Solidaria, LESS), it turned out highly limited and just one year later it was reformed with so significant modifications that it leads to question whether it truly presents some progress or is just a change to keep everything the same.

Therefore, the purpose of this article is to analyze the law in force (LESS-13) in order to determine whether:

  • It bridges the gaps left by the LESS approved at the end of the previous Legislature (LESS-12)
  • It recovers some elements that had been lost in the negotiation process for the approval of LESS-12
  • It modifies the course of public policy towards this sector regarding the (in)existent prior to LESS-12
  • It opens spaces for the social sector of the economy (Sector Social de la Economía, SSE) to influence related public policy.

Section 1 presents some historical elements to explain some of the difficulties LESS had to face during the legislative procedure, as well as its two reforming decrees in 2013; Section 2 analyzes the achievements and retrocession of LESS, and finally, Section 3 is intended as an overall balance.

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