Danish agriculture - sustainable management of the commons

Danish agriculture - sustainable  management of the commons

ECSP-3EMESPolanyi-14 | Aare-Hansen-Hauggaard-Nielsen


Denmark is an agricultural country with 62 pct. of the area owned by farmers with legal private property rights. Efficiency in both productivity and strong cooperation throughout the product chain has enabled this position. However, this development has given rise to negative impact on common resources such as decreasing water quality, reduced soil fertility and loss of biodiversity challenging public expectations.

Through three different approaches for involving farmers practicing Conservation Agriculture the possibilities for common understanding, knowledge conduction and production as well as facilitation of transition towards sustainable agricultural practices are investigated. The paper suggests increased involvement of actors in order to create democratic and sustainable agricultural management while questioning optimal methods for common solutions for increasing public goods.


  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Commons
  • Transition
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Intercropping
  • Co-design
  • Future Workshop
  • Actor-Network Theory
  • Socio-technical analysis

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