The resource mobilization of community-based social enterprises in Taiwan

Shu-Twu Wang | Yu-Yuan KUAN | Kam-Tong Chan

EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-R11-11
Session: Social entrepreneurship and local development

This paper then applies social capital and resource mobilization perspectives to study the present situation and characteristics of community-based social enterprisess in Taiwan. The rationale behind using these two theories is based on the requirements for CBSEs to develop and progress: getting participation from the community residents, achieving a common consensus, and then using the interpersonal networks within the residents to acquire the resources CBSEs would need to develop.

Moreover, operating CBSE would require them to have an organizational platform as an agency. The leadership and strategies of community organizations would be able to guide CBSEs towards their designated directions (McCarthy and Wolfson 1996).

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