Social enterprise-corporate collaboration and organizational legitimacy: insights from fair trade

Benjamin Huybrechts | Alex Nicholls

EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-R11-26
Session: Growth, organization and paradigm

This article aims enrich both the understanding of interorganizational collaboration n between social enterprises and corporations and its implications in terms of organizational legitimacy, and the knowledge and practice of crosssector collaboration.

In the next section, we introduce the theoretical background. We propose a short overview of the literature on interorganizational collaboration, the institutional and legitimacy-based perspectives, and the particular case of cross-sector collaboration involving SEs. That section ends with the presentation of the research questions. In the third section, we present the methodology and the two fields in which case studies have been led: Fair Trade and Work Integration.

The fourth section exposes the preliminary findings and the fifth section concludes, blazing trails for the pursuit of the research.

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