The Third sector in Europe: Does it exhibit a converging movement?

Edith Archambault

EMES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-B08-13
Thematic line: The Welfare State, liberalization, neo-liberal policies, and the third sector

The European Union’s third sector shows five clusters of civil society organizations with complex bonds and ties with the surrounding societies and national identities.

We will analyze in a first part these five clusters, Continental, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Mediterranean and Oriental, according to their political, social and economic background and main features and use the data issued from the Johns Hopkins Comparative Non-profit Sector Project (Salamon et al., 2004).

The second part of this paper is devoted to the question of a likely convergent evolution of these five clusters, according to a mimetic movement that we can observe in the European Commission’s policy to disseminate the “best practices” but also as a bottom-up trend of civil society organizations working cross-country.

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