Creative Philanthropy: Development of Social Enterprise in Hong Kong

Kam-Tong Chan

MES Conferences Selected Papers Series, ECSP-B08-18
Thematic line: Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise

This paper is based on a research study of the social enterprises in Hong Kong SAR Government, undertaken by the Centre for Third Sector Studies (CTSS), of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The major purpose is to understand the phenomena of social enterprise as an emerging entity in the Hong Kong context, especially the work-integrated models. More specifically, the key questions addressed include:

  1. what are the features and characteristics of social enterprises attending to work-integration in Hong Kong?
  2. To what extent the work integration social enterprise has contributed to the employment-related poverty?
  3. What are the critical success factors of work integration social enterprises? and
  4. What are the barriers, constraints and challenges facing by the enterprises which have limited their development?
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