We launched a new section on EMES website

We launched a new section on EMES website

EMES recently revamped the “WHO WE ARE” section on this website with the goal of bringing the network and its membership closer to other members and visitors. As EMES continued to grow in terms of members and activities, it was clear that there was a need for a unique place where people interested in EMES could easily find all the information.

“Sharing what we do is in the DNA of an organization like EMES. We believe it is only by telling about lessons learned from research projects and about connections established in the course of all our activities that we are closer to achieving our mission. In this sense, our communication is very direct and personal, as we like to grow relationships based on shared interests and common research.”

Rocío Nogales, Director of the EMES network

Experiencing EMES’ journey

The new redesigned section on our website, which we are pleased to unveil, has been created to showcase our capabilities and our continued commitment to support research community in the field of the “SE” field, encompassing the social enterprise, the social and solidarity economy, and third sector.

Rocío describes a key idea behind the new section:

“We reordered the section so as to put an emphasis on our founding notions and our members: we want to get across the message that the strength of EMES lays in its members, their projects, initiatives, enthusiasm and commitment. Therefore, visitors’ first impression is built upon the various institutional and individual members, who can be located in a world map.”

EMES Members

What has changed

“You’ll notice that the new feature of our webpage reflects significant efforts to summarize what EMES does and to communicate it effectively”, Rocío explains. More concretely, the section gathered the EMES Annual Activity Reports (AARs) and Fact Sheets since 2013, which is when the organization formally became an international network.

If you are interested in previous AARs, please contact us and we will be happy to share them with you. Remember that you can print these documents any time if you want to share what EMES does at your events, classes or activities.
In addition, the new section shares some meaning figures and a brief history of the organization to help you get an idea of the size and facts behind what we do. As Rocío underlines:

“We hope these will be helpful to for you, even though building a research field from scratch and supporting an international community is hard to summarize quantitatively or in mere historical milestones.”

Who we are page presentation

Lastly, the information on an important governance organ of EMES, the Board of Directors, who define the strategy of the organization and communicate on an ongoing basis with the Coordination Unit, has been refreshed as well.

”This Unit is the executive arm of the organization and never ceases learning from new editions of events and, most importantly, from communicating with its members.“ concludes Rocío, who has been leading the Unit since its inception.

The new design of the section has also undergone through series of changes. Teresa Bolaños, Designer from Elastic UX UI design, shared with us her insight:

“ We continuously analyze how to improve the experience of users who visit our website (emes.net). We want them to fulfill their objectives and find the information they seek in an intuitive and smooth way.”

Teresa who has been involved in the development and implementation of redesigned pages for the section over the course of the last months, further clarifies what is the added value of these changes:

”Above all, the ‘Who we are’ page proposes a transparent and clear summary about what EMES is and what in its essence the organization is made of: the people, their ideas, their debates, their achievements and their history.”

And now it’s over to you.

Over the EMES history, we have learnt that communicating and building of relations with our members and stakeholders properly, takes a lot of resources that we sometimes have a hard time gathering. Therefore, we treasure any interaction and feedback we receive from our readers/visitors.

Thank you to our entire community for your continued support. Going forward, we will continue to communicate regularly through our blogs and provide new articles and notifications.

Explore the new section and let us know what you think about these changes. Tell us, whether there is anything that you miss so we can bring you more what you want in the future. Thanks for reading and for sharing!

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