UNEI, social enterprise specialized in work integration at 8EMEStrainingschool

UNEI, social enterprise specialized in work integration at 8EMEStrainingschool

One of the objectives of the 8th EMES International Training school is the facilitation of networking among participants and the exchange of ideas between researchers and practitioners active in the SE field.

While having some of the brightest members of the future generation of researchers and mentors in the “SE field”, this year, we count on the participation of Cooperatives Europe, the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), the OECD, the European Business Network (EBN), Andalusian social enterprises Cajamar, SMartib and UNEI, and the sector representative organization, FAECTA.

Today’s post is devoted to UNEI, a social enterprise specialized in work integration that provides added value to other companies, institutions and society in general by offering shelter and employment to people with mental health issues. Under the motto “the extraordinary human value”, UNEI has as core mission to contribute to transforming the world into an emotionally healthier, more empathetic place while at the same time creating job opportunities for inclusion.

It is the first time the UNEI representative will be attending and contributing to the EMES training school. During Plenary session 2 entitled “SSE and digitalization”, Inma Ponce Romero, responsible of marketing at UNEI, will share the experience of UNEI regarding this topic. Together with Giulio Pasi, Researcher officer at the EU JRC and Carmen Guzmán, co-chair of the Training School and Associate Professor at the University of Seville, they will discuss what digitalization can offer to social enterprises, especially during and after a health crisis.

Digitalization provides great opportunities for companies to improve the efficiency of production processes and also strengthen resilience during these and future health crises. Additionally, digitalization is a fundamental element in close social, territorial and gender gaps since it can promote the modernization of businesses to achieve sustainable and inclusive development. Therefore, Plenary session 2 will focus on the role that digitalization can play for social enterprises creating innovative solutions to social needs and increasing their economic and social value.

Mrs Ponce Romero will deliver a presentation about what digitization can bring to social enterprises like UNEI. “The ‘digital’ can be brought into the global transformation and professionalization processes that organizations like UNEI have been experiencing for the past years now,” she explains.

Together, the discussion between Panel speakers and the ideas offered by UNEI’s representative will enrich debate at the Training School, offering original and innovative perspectives to study and work with social enterprises.

A program with more information is available here and you can access the press release (in Spanish) here.


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