The EMES PhD Committee held its first Summer Webinar!

The EMES PhD Committee held its first Summer Webinar!

The EMES PhD Committee started the summer with the first webinar on May 19th. The meeting was held virtually, and it gathered 12 participants from 9 countries. This was the first webinar in a summer series, especially interesting for scholars attending the upcoming 8th EMES Training School in Seville and is also part of the celebration of the EMES 20th anniversary.

The meeting started with a brief introduction of 20 (amazing) years of the EMES International Research Network to new colleagues while highlighting the importance of creating a community and strengthening relationships among PhDs and Early Career Researchers (ECR).

One of EMES PhDs representatives, Kai Green, with the help of Marina Novikova, coordinated the webinar and brought creative ideas with a purpose to meet, find out who is studying what, where, and how we can work together, collaborate, chat and support each other.

Our PhDs and Early Career Researchers (ECR) found this webinar a “great and refreshing way of connecting with a research tribe“. They described EMES as a research network where “it all goes beyond just creating relationships with academics and starting your career as a researcher… in EMES, you have the opportunity for creating strong bonds and friendships for life“.

We are happy to announce the next summer webinar happening on May 26th: 15h00 – 16h30 (CET).

Please RSVP here:

Looking forward to seeing you!

Brought to you by your EMES PhD Committee, so good conversations and connections are (always!) guaranteed!

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