Spanish Government approved a Strategic Investment Plan for the Social and Care Economy (PERTE)

Spanish Government approved a Strategic Investment Plan for the Social and Care Economy (PERTE)

Last May Spanish Government approved a Strategic Investment Plan for the Social Economy (PERTE Social) with a budget of more than 800 million euros, mostly coming from Next Generation EU Funds. This Plan involving 13 ministries will be carried out between this year and 2026.

It aims of promoting policies that allow unlocking the potential of the social economy to contribute to the recovery and resilience of the Spanish economy in addition to the transformation of the Care Economy and areas in which that quality and stable employment can be generated. Also, it aims to foster fair green and digital transitions, and to strengthen inclusion and welfare systems, in line with the EU Social Economy Action Plan, and the Transition Pathway for the Social Economy and Proximity Industrial Ecosystem.

“We place the value of the Spanish Social Economy in the center, incorporating the great revolution of care in a unique PERTE in the European Union”, said the Spanish VP and Minister for Work and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz at the press conference.


According to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez,the Strategic Investment Plan has four pillars:

  • Support workers’ buyouts under social economy forms (workers’ cooperatives) to save jobs and companies.
  • Improve competitiveness within Social Economy SMEs while facing the green and digital transition ( boost digitalisation and specialised training in business skills) aiming to improve the competitiveness of Social Economy SMEs.
  • Promote the development of advanced inter-cooperation mechanisms in Social Economy SMEs to improve their competitiveness and guarantee sustainability, and create a hub to ensure the transfer of research and knowledge to social economy enterprises. 
  • Strengthening the caring economy and boosting short consumption circuits. 

This Investment plan is among the Spanish Government’s priorities and is going to formalize with three normative reforms: the law of social economy, the law on cooperatives and the law of insertion companies.


Source image: Jack Finnigan from Unsplash.


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