Social Enterprise: Interdisciplinary Views across Erasmus University

Social Enterprise: Interdisciplinary Views across Erasmus University

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, home of our member Philip Marcel Karré, several scholars deal with social enterprise from different perspectives (public administration, management studies, economics, transition studies, etc.). In order to foster exchange between disciplines and to unlock the knowledge and expertise on social enterprise available at Erasmus University, an interactive virtual meeting was recently organized.

The following topics were discussed, based on short introductions by members of the Erasmus University team, many of whom have been involved with EMES throughout the years:

1. Introduction on social enterprise and its hybrid character – Philip Marcel Karré

2. How can citizens’ collectives be seen as social enterprises? – Tine de Moor

3. How can the impact of social enterprise be measured? – Karen Maas

4. How can social enterprises be viewed from a multi-actor power perspective? – Flor Avelino

In Philip’s words: “We hope that our fellow members of the social enterprise community will find our insights and resources valuable and invite them to get in touch with us to explore opportunities for exchange and collaboration.” He remains at your disposal to address your questions or remarks.


All resources of this meeting, including videos of the presentations, sheets and a list of key readings, are now available online here.

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