"Resilient organizations in the third sector", new e-book from TSI

This book is a collection of stories of combining different institutional logics as TSOs move towards hybridity, and of the capacity to react to changing environments without giving up on their core missions. The TSOs presented here continue to contribute to the well-being of citizens in Europe through “innovativeness”, the provision of services as well as avenues for active participation.

We are very pleased to announce the publication of the Third Sector Impact project e-book Resilient Organizations in the Third Sector, which brings together 15 case studies of third sector organizations (TSOs) – membership associations, social enterprises and other types of hybrids – across Europe. The book analyzes their coping strategies in an increasingly challenging environment structured by austerity, the restructuring of welfare states, and public discourses that range from ignorance to hostility regarding third sector organizations.

In the words of Annette Zimmer, “it is exciting to see this collection of experiences, as learning about these organizations is a crucial part of the knowledge creation process – and that makes our work interesting. TSOs across Europe are facing similar challenges, as became very evident at TSI’s final event back in November 2016, in which some of the cases presented participated. This book offers an important comparative insight in their strategies of resilience.”

The book is available for free download on the EMES website, which was the TSI dissemination and communication partner.

Feel free to share with colleagues and networks by sending this address: https://emes.net/publications/books/resilient-organizations-in-the-third-sector/

Recommended citation:

Zimmer, A., Hoemke, P., Pahl, J.B. and C. Rentzsch (2018) Resilient Organizations in the Third Sector. Professionalized Membership Associations, Social Enterprises, Modern Hybrids. Liege: EMES European Research Network asbl

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