Relaunching EMES Affinity Groups!

Relaunching EMES Affinity Groups!

EMES recently started relaunching Affinity groups for its community. Three groups have formed, and there are plans to establish more groups in the future based on members’ interests. The aims of AGs are:

  • To make it easier for members to organise focused conference sessions, project proposals and other activities on a specific topic within the EMES network.
  • To strengthen the community feeling among members of these groups.
  • To innovate and develop bottom-up initiatives.

Affinity Groups will engage in the initiatives such as organising webinars, working on a common bibliography, exchanging information on future events and creating publication opportunities.

Affinity Groups

CASE – Affinity group dedicated to culture and the arts in the SE field

Leaders: Nancy Duxbury (CES), Rocío Nogales (EMES) and Kai Roland Green (CSE)

This group was created in 2021 as a thematic line on culture and the arts during the 8th EMES conference in Teruel. In the Empower-SE COST Action framework, this group already achieved the publication of the Stakeholder Brief “Unlocking the transformative potential of culture and the arts through social enterprise”. Recently, a call for papers for the Social Enterprise Journal has been launched as part of this group (deadline: December 2022).


  • MigrationsAffinity group dedicated to addressing the challenges of migrations in the SE field

Leaders: Giorgia Trasciani (LEST, Université Aix-Marseille) and Giulia Galera (Euricse)

The key theme of this EMES Affinity Group would be the role and potential of SEs in tackling the migration and refugee challenge.



  • SISE–Affinity group dedicated to social impact in the SE field

Leaders: Marek Ćwiklick (Cracow University of Economics) and Audrone Urmanaviciene (Tallinn University)

This group is interested in social impact in the social economy, including topics such as social value, value creation, survivability, resilience, sustainability, measuring, assessing value over time, and scaling social impact.

Interested in joining these committed Affinity Groups? Please contact the co-leaders of the various Affinity Groups directly!

EMES Affinity Groups are aimed at members, but we have negotiated to keep them open for the first-timers, so researchers can join and see them before becoming EMES members. If you are convinced and wish to learn more about EMES membership, do it here.

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