"Open Movements" series launched in connection with the 2nd EMES-Polanyi Seminar

In parallel to the 2nd EMES-Polanyi International Seminar held in Paris on May 19-20, 2016, an interesting initiative entitled “Defending democracy, rethinking the left” has been launched. The series i as part of the Open Movements series jointly published by Open Democracy and the Research Committee 47 “Social movements” of the International Sociological Association.

The openMovements series invites leading social scientists to share their research results and perspectives on contemporary social struggles and challenges of democracy. Edited by Jean-Louis Laville, one of the two chairs of the Seminar, this series includes seven pieces two of them by two members of EMES and the rest by scholars involved in the 2nd EMES-Polanyi International Seminar.

The rationale for the Series is that we are at the end of a cycle that started in the second 19th century. During this cycle, including in the 20th century, the left was governed by the ideology of progress and economic determinism. After the collapse of the so-called ‘communist’ countries, the question of the relevance of a new left for the 21st century was raised. Different elements are necessary to answer it, the growing number of citizen initiatives all over the world (that is the subject of the launch text by Laville), the ambivalent experiences of left governments in South America (second subject raised by Coraggio). The analysis of these complex background issues opens up new perspectives for collective action and emancipation (third and fourth texts by Wainwright and Hart) and the structural crisis of European social democracy (fifth and sixth, closing texts by Hulgård and Lévesque).

  1. Defending democracy, reinventing the left” by Jean-Louis LAVILLE (member of the EMES Board of Directors)
  2. End of a cycle for the left in Latin America?” by José Luis CORAGGIO
  3. A human economy approach to development” by Keith HART
  4. A new politics from the left?” by Hilary WAINWRIGHT
  5. The crisis in European social democracy: a crisis like no other” by Benoît LÉVESQUE
  6. Is there a Future for Social Democracy?” by Lars HULGÅRD (former EMES president and member of the Board)



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