Open access WILCO book "Social Innovations in the Urban Context" reaches an impressive number of downloads

Last spring the book “Social Innovations in the Urban Context” was published as a result of the WILCO project in Springer’s Nonprofit and Civil Society Studies series.

The book analyses how social innovations emerge in cities and how they relate to local welfare systems. In addition to critical reflections on social innovation, the book also contains several case studies of European cities and of innovations (specifically in the areas of childcare, housing and migration).

Thanks to EU funding, the entire book is available in OPEN ACCESS. The editors Taco Brandsen, Sandro Cattacin, Adalbert Evers and Annette Zimmer had been the scientific leaders of the WILCO project and they were thrilled that the book could be access free of cost to all readers interested in the topic.

Since it was launched, the book has been downloaded 24,000 times, quite an impressive figure that we would like to see grow in the months to come.

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