New Year wishes from EMES

New Year wishes from EMES

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of our amazing EMES community another year.

Thanks to our members and supporters for your participation and enthusiasm: despite the hardship we continue to make many things possible.

We also want to express gratitude for contributions from those who took part in EMES activities and projects. Despite everyone’s busy agendas, we managed to excel and continue learning with our joint actions.

The end of the year is an excellent time to recall the events during the year and be grateful for the moments we shared. We hope you will find time to renovate the energy needed to start a New Year.

Sure, past years were challenging for all of us. Due to the pandemic, many things needed to be changed at the last minute, and most importantly, we couldn’t gather in personas much we wanted. Undoubtedly these conditions affected us. Yet, our research and community are still very alive, and despite circumstances, we didn’t let ourselves be brought down.

This spirit of resilience and belonging to the EMES community will accompany us in 2022. In this manner, the principles and values fuelling social enterprises and the social and solidarity economy movement are needed more than ever. They remind us how essential supportive environments and relationships are to contribute to our wellbeing as humans and professionals and to a more sustainable world.

A visual piece created by our member Andrés Morales accompanies our New Year wishes this year, so we also thank him for his gesture. On behalf of the Coordination Unit and the Board of Directors, all our best wishes for a restful break, a peaceful end of the year and a promising New Year!

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