New PhD representative in the EMES Board

New PhD representative in the EMES Board

Board members play a critical role in the development and success of EMES. The EMES Board of Directors has 12 members who are committed volunteers, holding the responsibility to ensure the fulfilment of organization’s core values and its mission.

Selection of a new Board member

Finding the right composition of the Board of Directors is a crucial issue, because established Board with the right and diverse skills can provide a solid platform for the development of EMES in the years to come. Engagement and support of the PhD researchers and students is at the heart of the EMES mission. It is thus not surprising that a representative of PhD graduates – members of the EMES network – has been an integral part of the Board of the Directors of the organization.

We are therefore proud to announce the newly elected representative of the PhD and Early Researcher category – Eduardo Pereira – who has joined the EMES Board in July 2017, replacing outgoing member Francesca Caló who served since October 2015. We would like to thank her for being the PhD representative for the past two years. Francesca recently defended her PhD thesis and with whom we hope to stay connected throughout her future career.

As explained by Eduardo, there are three reasons which motivated him to present his candidacy:

“First, I am starting my second year of PhD work and I could expand my network of research; Second, I’ve recently arrived to France and I deeply need to know more about this field related to my work, region and interactions and; Third, I have a high interest in social entrepreneurship.

Having said so, I saw the PhD candidacy as an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the field and to get more connected with my research and personal interests. There is an “internal” bridging role between the Board and the PhD community that excites me.”

Introducing Eduardo Pereira

Originally from Brazil, Eduardo is a PhD candidate at the Faculté de Gestion, Economie et Sciences at Lille Catholic University. Eduardo’s research proposes to explore the new dynamics on support of social enterprises, in particular to social incubation. Specifically, he is focusing on questions related to efficiency, evidencing what we can learn from these propitious environments.

Before enrolling in his PhD, Eduardo gained a MBA in Project Management at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, FGV (Brazil) and a MSc in Social Economy at University of Minho (Portugal) developing a field research in Cambridge, UK. He also worked as a practitioner in social economic development of favelas in Rio de Janeiro between 2012 – 2014.

He is very motivated to assume his role as a Board member:

“The most exciting thing about being a member of EMES is the synergy around the network. The collaborative environment and getting in touch with like-minded people really excited me.”


Representing interests of the EMES PhD community

Among other things, the PhD representative in EMES Board ensures that perspectives and needs of the young generation of scholars and emerging researchers are spelled out, and their opinions are reflected in the Board’s decisions. As further revealed by Eduardo:

“As the PhD representative in the EMES Board, I see my contribution connected to the input from the PhD student network, to which I intend to contribute by bringing fresh ideas that match both needs (from the Board and the PhD community) but also being available for the needs of the Board.”

We are also thrilled to have Eduardo as a member of the Board, and wish him every success in this exciting post.

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