New European Action Plan to boost the social economy and create jobs

New European Action Plan to boost the social economy and create jobs

The European Commission adopted a new Action Plan on the social economy that aims to support social economy organizations and social enterprises in scaling up their activities and social impact, innovating and creating jobs. The plan draws on the unique characteristics of social economy organizations to ensure that the green and digital transitions and straightening communities and improving social resilience. The plan taps into the social economy’s economic and job-creation potential, as well as its contribution to a fair and inclusive recovery, and the green and digital transitions.

With this Action Plan, the Commission presents concrete measures to help activate the full potential of the social economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic created conditions for a switch toward a more sustainable, fair and resilient economic model. Still, despite the progress made under the previous initiatives, unmet needs persist in several areas. Improving the right framework conditions for the social economy across Europe, including enhanced visibility and recognition and access to finance and markets, is a crucial aspect of this Action Plan.

Read more about the Action Plan here.

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