New Board of Directors announced!

New Board of Directors announced!

Following the second open election process that began in May with the formal announcement and the creation of the Nominating Committee, we are proudly announcing the result of this process. The participation rate was certainly high -86% for institutional members and 55% for individual members- so we are proud of such involvement on the part of our members. We will, however, strive for a higher participation in four years.

It is our pleasure to share with you the result of the elections for the new Board based on the votes tallied. The newly elected members of the next Board of Directors are listed below in alphabetical order (new members appear in bold):

  1. Linda Lundgaard Andersen, CSE (Denmark)
  2. Taco Brandsen (The Netherlands)
  3. Tracey Coule, SHU (United Kingdom)
  4. Philippe Eynaud, CNAM (France)
  5. Silvia Ferreira, CES (Portugal)
  6. Luiz Inácio Gaiger (Brazil)
  7. Giulia Galera, EURICSE (Italy)
  8. Nicole Göler von Ravensburg (Germany)
  9. Marthe Nyssens, CIRTES (Belgium)
  10. Mary O’Shaughnessy, CBS (Ireland)
  11. Francesca Petrella, LEST (France)
  12. Simone Poledrini (Italy)
  13. Coline Serres (Belgium) – PhD representative

We would like to thank all the candidates who put forward their candidacy for contributing to the democratic health of our network. Our deep appreciation to the EMES members who took the time to learn more about them and cast their vote as a contribution to the strengthening of our network.

The new Board of Directors will focus on the priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan 2019-2021. This strategic planning effort is the result of the voluntary commitment of a whole human and intellectual community and especially the EMES coordination unit and the Board of Directors. Again, without such a commitment, none of this would be possible.

Please join us in celebrating this important achievement for EMES and remember that you can join the community any time and sign up as individual researcher or graduate student!

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